the key to longer life

There’s plenty of evidence that staying fit is a very good idea. The NHS is overstretched, and we’d all like to avoid doctor’s appointments and hospital visits if possible. A little strength and balance exercise every day can go far to keep us healthy. And it can be fun to roll out a mat … just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference. We have hot and cold pads which help alleviate muscle pain and aching joints post-exercise. And even posture cushions – great to strengthen your back without exercising. So no excuses!

  • Multi-purpose hot/cold 3-in-1 gel wrap

  • Securemax exercise ball

  • Balancefit

  • X-Tension ring set

  • ECO PER® exercise mat

  • Franklin soft ball

  • Sitfit

  • nordic walking pole

    Nordic walking pole

  • Lightweight ankle, wrist and dumbbells weights set

  • press ball – 4 pack

  • Balance fit pad

  • X-Tension resistance band