Make kitchen life easier

Everyone struggles to open jars and it turns out there’s no need. We’ve been amazed at what we’ve found. These days there are plenty of well-designed kitchen tools which are good for those with limited strength or mobility in their wrists.  We particularly like the Webequ ergonomic kitchen knives from Denmark.

  • Talking kitchen scales &
    easy to read measuring jug

  • Chrome step stool with handrail

    Chrome step stool with handrail

  • Two handle tea pot

    Two handle tea pot

  • 6-in-1 jar and bottle opener

    6-in-1 jar & bottle opener

  • Silicone tablet stand

    Silicone kitchen tablet stand

  • Uccello kettle

    The Uccello kettle

  • Pan pickle

    The Pan Pickle

  • Special Offer wicker shopping trolley

    Wicker shopping trolley

  • Hand thrown ceramic two handled cup

    Hand-thrown stripy two handled cup

  • stay put fabric roll

    Non-slip fabric roll

  • Unbreakable glass

    Unbreakable glass carafe & tumbler

  • Rubber jar opener

    Rubber jar opener