Garden tools to save your back and knees

Gardening is like therapy for many, a chore for some. Either way, we have a range of exceptionally high quality equipment for you, much of it designed to save bending, protect your knees and some of it is specially designed for arthritic hands. There’s even a clever stool Рthe One Leg that tips with you to save your back when weeding.

  • outdoor grab rail

    Outdoor grab rail

  • waxed cotton garden kneeler

    Waxed cotton garden kneeler

  • Invisible creations plant pot holder

    Grab bar with pot holder

  • Suede and leather gardening gloves - blue

    Leather and suede gardening gloves

  • waxed cotton garden booster

    Garden booster cushion

  • garden kit

    Garden kit

  • Easi-grip trowel

    Easi-Grip trowel

  • Kneelo kneeler - blue

    Kneelo kneeler

  • Orange OneLeg

  • Waxed cotton and leather garden kneeler

    Bradley’s kneeler

  • Green OneLeg

  • Kneelo kneepads- purple

    Kneelo knee pads