Clever gadgets designed to solve everyday issues

There are so many gadgets out there claiming to be the solution to life’s everyday frustrations – but very few that actually do what they claim. We have sourced and tested a selection of no-frills, clever gadgets that definitely help with small tasks.

  • night-vision cover specs

    Night-vision Coverspecs™

  • Needle threader

    Needle threader

  • Book rest

    Wooden reading rest

  • Silicone tablet stand

    Silicone tablet stand

  • Great Grips door knob

    Great grips door knob

  • Plugull plug pull

    The Plugull plug pull

  • Keywing


  • Plug tug

    Plug tug

  • magiplug


  • easy to use radio

    DAB radio and music player

  • No spill cup holder

    Non-spill cup holder

  • Special Offer Membo memory aid

    Daily reminder tool