gadgets not gimmicks

Everyone loves a gadget. We’ve found these, each of which we think adds pleasure to daily life and is actually helpful. Our personal favourites are the Koto radio and the easy-to-see keyboard, but everyone has their own….

  • cashmere wrist warmers

    Recycled cashmere wrist warmers

  • Great Grips door knob

    Great grips door knob

  • Koto Easy Radio

  • Silicone tablet stand

    Silicone tablet stand

  • Woolana back support

    Wool back support cushion

  • talking watch

    Talking watch

  • Easy to see keyboard

    Easy to see keyboard

  • night-vision cover specs

    Night-vision Coverspecs™

  • waterproof shoe covers

    Waterproof shoe covers

  • Keywing


  • Plug tug

    Plug tug

  • Book rest

    Wooden reading rest