A range of support and posture cushions

A good orthopaedic cushion can change your life, and these ones won’t make your house look like a hospital. We’ve used high quality Putnam’s foam and covered them in a selection of lovely blended linens and soft cottons. Our armchair boosters improve posture by keeping your knees at the optimum 90 degrees. They also give new life to old armchairs. Available in jewell colours with contrasting striped handles.

  • Pure New Wool Neck Support cushion

    Pure Wool Neck Support cushion

  • pure wool folding seat pad

    Pure wool folding seat pad

  • Sissel DorsaBack

    Sissel DorsaBack

  • Large booster cushion

    Large firm booster cushion

  • Sissel Sit Special 2 in 1

    Sissel Sit Special 2 in 1

  • Special Offer Contour cool gel pillow

    Contoured cool gel pillow

  • Swivel seat with linen cover

    Swivel cushion

  • pelvic wedge cushion

    Pelvic Wedge Cushion

  • armchair booster

    Small firm booster cushion

  • Special Offer Upeasy seat assist

    Upeasy Plus seat assist

  • V shape cushion with linen cover

    V Shape cushion

  • Woolana back support

    Wool back support cushion