Small additions to your car – make travelling easier

Driving becomes trickier as we age – both for passengers and drivers. There are a lot of clever gadgets here that make getting in and out of the car much easier, plus props to help support your back and your neck and even help you turn the wheel. But no driving gloves, yet.

  • Sissel® DorsaCar

  • Rotary cushion

  • Pure wool knee rug

  • night-vision cover specs

    Night-vision Coverspecs™

  • leg lifter

    Leg lifter

  • Duo car back support

    Duo car back support

  • Superest back cushion

  • pelvic wedge cushion

    Pelvic Wedge Cushion

  • Heated car back rest

    Heated back rest

  • Car kit

    Car kit

    £75.00 exc VAT
  • Car caddie grab handle

    Caddie grab handle

  • Car handy bar

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