Comfort and support for the bedroom

Our favourite room. Whether it’s comfort, support, help with dressing, keeping warm or breakfast in bed we hope we’ve covered it all. There are pillows of all shapes and sizes – choose the one that most suits your needs. For some it could be the Putnam’s king pillow specially designed to support your head and neck, for others a pillow with cooling gel might be what you’re looking for.

  • Long Rosewood shoe horn

  • Extendable shoe horn

    Extendable shoe horn

  • Ezy-on compression sock aid

    Ezy-on compression sock aid

  • Foxy sock aid

    Foxy sock aid

  • Special Offer Towelling sock aid

    Towelling sock aid

  • Special Offer Manta hairbrush

    Manta hairbrush

  • Make up glasses

    Make up glasses

  • shoe helper

    Shoe helper

  • Long handle shoe horn

    Long handle shoe horn

  • Button hook and zip puller

    Button hook & zip puller

  • No-tie shoe laces

    No tie shoe laces

  • Special Offer Dressing stick

    Dressing stick