Convenient equipment for bath or shower

There’s nothing better than a bath. Or a shower. Whichever you prefer, you don’t want to slip and there’s no need to – there are steps and mats and stools to prevent it. The Cork-top bath step will bring back memories! There are also long handled sponges or a flannel strap if you find it hard to reach your back, and even nail clippers with a magnifying glass attached.

  • Long handled Comfi-Grip exfoliator sponge & toe washer

  • Flannel bath strap and wash mitt

    Flannel bath strap & wash mitt

  • bath sponge

    Long handled sponge
    & foot scrub

  • long handled hair washer

    Long handled hair washer

  • Long handled bath sponge & toe washer

    Long handled bath sponge
    & toe washer

  • Pumice foot cleaner

    Pumice foot cleaner

  • Bath pillow

    Bath pillow

  • Special Offer long handle sheepskin pad

    Long handle sheepskin pad